A UNICAL Female Student Informs the Court that, Prof Cyril Ndifon wanted my virginity for admission, requested for an oral sex.


Prof Cyril Ndifon, the suspended Dean from the University of Calabar has been in the news since last August over sexual harassment allegations. He was later suspended and indicted by the school investigative panel.

The panel found him guilty of sexual harassment and abuse of office.

The ICPC filed a criminal charges against the former Dean who has since been replaced.

At the resumption of the trial on Tuesday, the student — who is the second witness and simply identified as TKJ 2 — told the court that the former dean forced her to trade her virginity for admission into the institution.

According to reports  the witness representing the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) claimed Ndifon also forced her to have oral sex with him after making demands on three occasions.

TKJ revealed that she got to know the professor during her diploma studies in the school.

She testified before James Omotosho of a federal high court in Abuja while being led in evidence by Osuobeni Akponimisingha, the ICPC’s lawyer.

“He asked me to see him in his office. After my lectures that day, I went to his office. When I got there, he had many visitors waiting for him. He asked that I wait for him. After some hours, he dismissed his visitors and asked me to lock the door. I did as he instructed. He stood up from his seat and asked me to hug him,” she said.

“I moved back and he asked if I was scared. I nodded my head. He said I should not be scared and that I should see him as a father.

“He told me to stop doing that and asked why was I doing like a baby. He asked if I was a virgin, and I said yes. He said am I sure? He said that it was very good. He asked, ‘Can you give it (my virginity) to me? I shouted Jesus! He said I should give it to him and he told me he would give me admission. I told him I would think about it.”

TKJ also claimed the suspended dean pressured her for nude videos.

“He asked me to make a nude video and send it to him. Before I could say anything, he ended the call. Later, he called again and demanded the video. I told him that I was still a virgin and he ended the call,” she added.

“I sent him a message on WhatsApp that I’m still very tight.

“He told me he would give me an admission that I should not worry I should send the video. After so many calls, I had to send the video to him.”

The witness claimed while the sexual harassment protest was ongoing on campus, Ndifon also requested more nudes from her.

She also told the court that during the panel probe, the former dean came to her hostel to demand oral sex.

“He tried to put his hand inside my trousers, and I removed it. He said what is it again. He brought out his manhood inside the car. He said I should suck and make him happy inside the car,” she said.

“I told him again I was in my period, and he said is it every day I was seeing my period?

“He bent my head to suck in front of my hostel. I begged him I was not feeling fine but he didn’t listen.

“I told him I was fasting but he refused. He pushed my neck to suck it. I begged and begged but he forced it till he entered my mouth.

“He told me sorry that I should clear my tears before leaving his car.”

She said Ndifon later transferred N3000 into her account to treat herself after requesting the account details.

After giving her evidence, the prosecution counsel tendered bank receipt as evidence and it was admitted as an exhibit after Joe Agu, Ndifon’s lawyer, withdrew his objection.

Omotosho adjourned the matter until February 7 for continuation.

Also last week, Luci Chima, the ICPC investigator who represented witness one, informed the court that the forensic analysis done on Ndifon’s phone showed that there were several nude pictures from many contacts.