Anambra State Assembly Passes Burial Bill | DOCUMENT ATTACHED


Anambra State Assembly Passes Burial Bill | DOCUMENT ATTACHED


The Anambra State House of Assembly on Thursday, passed into law, a new “Anambra Burial Bill” to control funeral activities and expenses in the state.

Some of the activities banned by the law include, public display and sales of caskets, blocking of roads during burial ceremonies among others.

However, if there is need to block the roads, the permission of the appropriate Local Government Authority is required.

The law also mandates all mortuary attendants to report to the Ministry of Health on any corpse that has stayed beyond one month from the date it was deposited.

Also, all burial and funeral ceremonies of indigenous deceased persons in the state shall be registered with the town union of the deceased.

It warned that any person who contravenes the provisions will be fined N100,000 or six months imprisonment or both.

Reacting to the new law, the state governor, Chukwuma Soludo, in a terse message shared on Friday via his official Facebook handle, wrote;

“Anambra Burial Law is a very progressive law to remove the burden and pressure on the poor as well as liberate women from oppressive practices during burials.

“We celebrate ‘befitting living’ and only a decent funeral.”