ANAN Awards new Fellowship in the Ongoing 28 National Annual Accountants Conference.


President and Chairman of ANAN Council Dr James Ekerare Neminebor, FCNA, admits members of the Association as “Fellow Certified National Accountant (FCNA) at the ongoing 28 Annual National Accountant Conference at the

International Conference Center Abuja today Thursday 21st September 2023.

The 2023 Annual Conference provides great opportunities for Certified National Accountants to rub minds on issues germane to members, the Accountancy Profession and the Nation at large. The Conference also explore new roles for professional accountants enabled by digital transformation in political and social environment. More importantly, professional accountants will be challenged to develop an integrated mindset to build agile, resilient and sustainable businesses and governments that create value and transform economies.

ANAN was formed in 1979 and officially chartered by Decree in 1993. The association offers an education and training program in order to advance the accountancy profession in Nigeria and enhance professionals’ knowledge, skills, values, and ethical conduct to impact the country in a profound and comprehensive manner.