Another shooting in Brussels as a Young man was severely injured with bullets.


Another shooting took place in Brussels, in the municipality of Forest on Thursday night. A young man was severely injured and was taken to hospital with gunshot wounds to the buttocks and hand.

The young man was watching fireworks in Duden Park in Forest around 20:30 on Thursday when he suddenly reported feeling severe pain.

His friends then took him to Hospital Saint Pierre in the City of Brussels, Het Nieuwsblad reports. found that he had been shot in his hand and buttocks with a handgun.

The Brussels-Capital/Ixelles police, which wrote up the official report, confirmed the incident to The Brussels Times but referred to the Brussels’ Public Prosecutor’s Office for more information about the ongoing investigation.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office, however, declined to comment for the time being. While the young man’s injuries are serious, his life is not in danger.

Whether this case is also drug-related, like the four other shootings in Brussels’ Porte de Hal area this week, is not yet clear.

The young man is reportedly not known as a drug dealer or user, but it is possible he was an unintentional or accidental victim of someone firing a gun in the park, Het Laatste Nieuws reports.