Charly Boy berates the Opposition Politicians for not doing the needful.




Charles Oputa  popular Called Charly Boy, De Area Fada, has berated Nigeria’s Opposition Political Parties, for not doing the needful in rescuing the Masses from the hands of what he called “Dubious Government in Power”.

He made this Observations, on the height of the current hardship in the Country, which he said was created by “Incompetent and Dubious Government in Power”.

The Founder of Our Mumu Don Do Organisation, Maintained that in a Sane Society, the masses who are the end receivers of this politically created hardship would have been in the street in expression of their feelings through protest.

The Area Fada Condemned the behaviour of the so called ” “New Nigerian Leaders ” who are in the opposition Parties anticipating to take over power to do the needful by demonstrating Solidarity with the Masses.

The Odudubariba 1 of Africa, justifies their Solidarity with the Masses, as part of the rescue missions, which will not only be when they are in power.

He drew an analogy in 2012, when the current Government of the APC Organised ” Occupy Nigeria Protest” against the Government of Good luck Jonathan, whose Administration wasn’t as tough as it is currently.

He questioned the kind of Opposition Political Parties in Nigeria currently, which he described as only speaking English on TV and Social Media.These are his words.

“Everyone Is Quite About the Height Of Hardship Created By Incompetent And Dubious Govt In Power. In A Sane Society By Now The Masses Would Have Entered The Road For Massive Protest. Even Our So Called New Nigerian Leaders On Rescue Mission Are Not Doing Anything As Oppositions Should. They Must Not Only Be In Power Before They Can Help Rescue The Masses From This Evil Govt. They Feel We Are Coping With Every Situation They Inflect Upon Us. Honestly We Can’t Continue Like This In Nigeria, GEJ’s Govt Wasn’t This Tough Yet APC Organized Massive ‘Occupy Nigeria Protest In 2012. What Kind Of Opposition Parties Do We Have These Days, Only To Speak English On TV & Social Media. So Sad!!”.🙁