Customs Personnel Attacked While Chasing Fuel Smugglers | PHOTOS +DETAILS


Customs Personnel Attacked While Chasing Fuel Smugglers | PHOTOS +DETAILS

Following the unwavering efforts of the Nigeria Customs Service Officers for effective border management and to suppress smuggling activities at the nation’s border, the Adamawa/Taraba Command officers, on Sunday, March 17, 2024, chased down smugglers on the Mubi-Sahuda road to prevent smuggling at the territorial borders.


According to the Statement by the public relations officer of the command, Naomi Titus stated that during the operation, three tricycles loaded with Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) suspected to be smuggled out of the country into the Republic of Cameroon were intercepted.


The officers, according to her, encountered fierce resistance from the smugglers, who launched a violent attack, trying to set both the officers and their official vehicles on fire. Fortunately, after a call for reinforcement, the Nigerian Army intervened, averting a potential disaster.


“However, one officer sustained severe injuries, and the windshield of an operational vehicle was shattered during the attack”, she stated.


According to the statement, despite the resistance, the team managed to secure, evacuate, and seize 45x25L jerry cans of PMS. “These are all part of the Nigeria Customs Service’s committed efforts to safeguard the nation’s borders and curb illegal smuggling activities”, stated.

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