Humanitarian aid enters Gaza as Israel– Hamas truce begins.


The four-day Gaza truce agreed by Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, appears to have taken effect for the first time since the war commenced seven weeks ago. 

The truce, which was initially slated to begin on Thursday, was moved to Friday. Report has it that the pause in fighting began at around 7 am local time.

The deal will see at least 50 Israeli hostages released in Gaza while 150 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails will also be released.

According to the mediators, the freed hostages will be mostly women and children.

Part of the truce is also meant to allow the entry of “a larger number of humanitarian convoys and relief aid” into the enclave.

In a statement, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said four tankers of fuel and four tankers of cooking gas — designated for operating essential humanitarian infrastructure — were transferred from Egypt to the United Nations (UN) humanitarian aid organisations in southern Gaza, via the Rafah Crossing.

“This was approved by the Israeli government as part of the pause and the framework for the release of the hostages, as agreed with the US and mediated by Qatar and Egypt,” IDF added.

Qatari officials said 13 civilians are expected to be released by Hamas today as part of the first trance of freed prisoners while an Israeli official said a total of 39 Palestinian prisoners will also be released.

Many foreign leaders, nations, and organisations have welcomed the ceasefire agreement between both parties.

However, the Israeli government has said the IDF and other security services will continue the war in order to complete the elimination of Hamas and ensure that there will be no new threat to the country from Gaza.