I was Speaking in Parables — Chief Bode George.



Chief Bode George


Chief Bode George a Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party has reacted to his Promise earlier of  leave the Country if President Tinubu wins the 2023 Presidential election.

Chief Bode George has attributed his speech as a mere parables when asked of his promise to leave Nigeria if President Tinibu wins. He also queried why  INEC switched off their IREV. In his response the PDP Chieftain said.

“I was talking in parables. This will be my 25th year in politics. I also spent 25 years in the military. I am getting close to 80 now, so what am I looking for but to go and live where I can take a walk without looking back and forth to see who is running after me, where I can live in peace until the Almighty God calls my flight.”

“I have my personal conviction that all didn’t go well, with what Professor Yakubu Mahmoud was saying; and I will tell you why?

“You know that’s my area of operation as a weapons system engineer. Imagine that you were at sea and at war and a missile had been fired at your ship and your early warning radar picked it up and sent all the information to the computer.

“The computer is already working and you now said there was a glitch and it stopped working. Do you know what you have done? You have killed everybody on board that ship. I ask: What kind of computer is he running? Who designed that kind of system?

“There is no computer for that kind of warfare that will not be robust enough. If one channel is blocked, there are other channels. It must work on the deal day. But he told us that there was a glitch.

“Now, the company said they watched you people switch the computer off. Because you are spoiling their business, they said their computer didn’t stop, you switched it off. We need prayers.”