Kidnappers storm Abuja community Kidnapped seven .




It was a dark night in Kuduru community in Bwari on Wednesday night as kidnappers numbering over 20 kidnapped seven members of the community.

This occurred at about 11:20pm on Wednesday night, and the entire community has been put in shock and panic.

The adopters were said to have stormed the neighbourhood, which is located less than two kilometers to the Kuduru Police Station in Bwari and operated for about 30 minutes.

According to a resident of the community who said that  the Vice Chairman of the neighbourhood association was kidnapped.

He was said to have been kidnapped with two other adults while a woman and her three children were also kidnapped.

“Some of them entered the house beside me and kidnapped the vice chairman of our community. They now went into the house opposite me and took another people.

“It was at this time that the neighbourhood called the Kuduru police station and the military camp in Bwari for assistance. A few minutes later,the military personnel came with their vehicles and chased the kidnappers into the bush.

” The entire community joined in the chase, which continued for a while, but we couldn’t get any of the kidnappers and their hostages.

“None of the families have also been contacted since last night when the incident happened.”

He confirmed that the kidnappers came into the neighborhood on foot and escaped through the same route.