Killer Police Officer sentenced to death by hanging for killing a Pregnant lawyer.



ASP Drambi Vandi, a police officer from the Ajiwe Police Division who killed a pregnant lawyer, Omobolanle Raheem has been sentenced to death by hanging by the Lagos State high Court.

Justice Ibironke Harrison held that the Police Officer was guilty as Charged. The court also stated ” you are to be hanged by the neck until you are dead, May God have mercy on your soul”.

Mrs Raheem was killed in the presence of her husband on a Christmas day, while coming back from Church last year at a police check point, as she was fatally shot while also pregnant.

The court also held that the evidence of the 11 witnesses who testified for the prosecution was  convincing enough to convict the killer police officer.

Vandi was arraigned by the Lagos State government before the court for allegedly shooting to death a pregnant lawyer at the Ajah underbridge checkpoint on December 25, 2022.