Nigerian Man commits suicide in Adamawa, due to harsh Economic conditions in the country.



Muhammed Uma has hanged himself. His was found dead within Rumde-Baru neighborhood of Yola, the capital of Adamawa on Saturday.

According to sources, the reason for hanging himself is due to the prevailing harsh economic condition as he could no longer fend his Family.

Ali, who lives within the area informed newsmen that Umar has a family, a wife and Children. And he might decide to suicide due to his inability to carter for his family because of the the current Nigeria’s harsh economic condition

“Umar, a Muslim, was seen praying on Saturday morning before his lifeless body was seen dangling”, Ali  narrates.

Information has it that Umar is a very social person who suddenly became reserved, within two weeks after the fuel subsidy was removed.

Ali also wandered,  “if a man couldn’t provide food for his family, couldn’t pay school fees for the kids and other family bills, what happens; can he be moved to doing exactly what this man did”.

“You will wake up every morning with no certainty of what to eat or where to go and get daily bread for survival. If you notice, people are becoming beggars with no shame – people you don’t expect to see them begging”.

“It is clear the country is turning into something else and going through an economic crisis. As it is now invariably there is no food for the masses, even me that I’m talking to you I can’t guarantee my family the next meal”.

“The difference between me and the deceased maybe because I can endure pressure. Honestly, Nigeria’s economy is seriously derailing. There is no hope for the common man. If you think there is no hope for you, the next thing to do is to hang yourself.”

“If things will go the way I’m seeing, expect more stories to write about deaths by hanging being committed around by many,” he added. 

Mallam Usman Dan Bature, a neighbour of the deceased described the late Umar as a kind person, saying, “He was a responsible householder who took proper care of his family”.

“Until his demise, the deceased was the manager of A.H.A Block Industry located along Army Barracks Road, Jimeta.”

The wife of the deceased, Khadijah Umar,  described their marriage as peaceful and cant explain the circumstances that may cause her husband to commit Suicide.

The Adamawa State Police public relation officer SP Suleiman Nguroje has confirmed the incidents, according to him , “Investigation has commenced to unravel the circumstances behind the crime.”

“Following the report received on the incident of a young man that hanged himself around Rumde Baru, Yola North local Government Area, the command’s crime officers were deployed by the Commissioner of Police; they’re now working in collaboration with medical experts to investigate the circumstances leading to the commission of the act,” Nguroje said.