Nigerian pastor predicts 25th of April as rapture date.


A Nigerian pastor with the X handle @Prophetmetu on social media platform ,  has predicted that the world would end on 25th of April 2024. This prediction was learnt to have been made on March 19 when the cleric claimed that the Lord took him into a trance on two separate occasions, revealing signs that foretell these impending events. 

He stated clearly that he saw the date and that God mentioned it to him twice.

He says, “it has happened twice. I saw myself in trance. I am even afraid now. It’s real, start preparing yourself.”

“By the 25th of April, the world is going to end. If you like take this serious, if you don’t like don’t take it serious.

“But this is real, rapture is coming, on the 25th of April 2024, I saw it very clear, do you understand? I saw the date very clear and the lord ministered to me. He mentioned it twice, it has happened twice,” he revealed.

The message is very clear and the date is clear too. 25th of April 2024, Rapture is coming. Prepare yourself.

Photo credit :prophetmetu/ X
March 19, 2024