Nigerians Voted What They Want— Rotimi Amaechi.



Rotimi Amaechi


A former Governor of Rivers State and the immediate past Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi In an interview with Arise TV says Nigerians voted what they want.

The former Rivers State Governor also stated that the country is a land of opportunities and encouraged citizens to stay back rather than traveling out of the Country. In his words, he says;

“I have always discouraged those who want to leave the country, I say 9-5? Yes, you can always get 9-5 job when you leave the country, but you can never get the opportunity you get in Nigeria.

“You can just wake up one day and become a minister in Nigeria. You can just wake up one day, and you become a governor. It just happens, I don’t know how the country operates.

“So if you’re looking for opportunities please stay back in Nigeria. If you’re looking for 9-5, safety and all that… one of my friends said to me that supposing you’re waiting for an opportunity and they kill you? Well, maybe that’s your destiny.. honestly, the opportunities are here,”.

He reminded Nigerians that the type of opportunities he referred to is only available to an insignificant number of citizens, “You just assumed the opportunities is about being in public office” Amarachi says.

“I’m giving that example now. There are about 200 million Nigerians, just assume that you start cooking moi moi and you sell to one million Nigerians at one naira. How much is that? I think that’s about 10m naira.”

The former minister emphasized that addressing the negative effect of the ‘japa’ phenomenon in Nigeria requires an approach that focuses on improving governance systems.

He outlined the economy, insecurity, and a lack of job creation as factors driving citizens outside, stating that only the government can address these issues.

Amaechi, however, asserted that Nigerians cannot complain about the suffering and lack of economic opportunities after voting their leaders.

“I’m avoiding where you’re going to. You can’t discuss the issue of Nigeria without discussing politics. It’s because you have to discuss the issue of the economy. Who manages the economy? The government. You have to discuss the issue of safety and security, who manages safety and security? The government.

“You have to discuss the issue of creation of opportunities, creation of employment, and all that. So, what you can tell is Nigerians get what they want,  Nigerians get what they deserve. You don’t complain after”.

“Nigerians at all time have had an opportunity to vote, whatever you voted for is what you deserve, but again, let’s not go into politics,” Amaechi added.