Sack Non-Performing Cabinet Members – Speaker, Abbas To Tinubu


Sack Non-Performing Cabinet Members – Speaker, Abbas To Tinubu


The House of Representatives Speaker, Tajudeen Abbas, has advised president Bola Tinubu on cabinet members he should sack with immediate effect.

Speaking at the resumption of plenary on Tuesday, Abbas advised Tinubu to sack non-performing members of his cabinet.

Addressing the insecurity challenge in the country, the speaker noted that the conventional approaches to security are no longer yielding fruit as insecurity continues to thrive in all parts of the country.

He called on security agencies to review their strategies and innovate new ones to tackle insecurity.

In the Speaker’s words;

“Despite numerous security measures, the menace of insecurity continues to thrive, mocking our efforts and challenging our resolve to build a cohesive, peaceful and prosperous nation. It is a stark reminder that the conventional approaches to security we have espoused for so long are no longer sufficient. The time has come to think out of the box and adopt new and contemporary strategies that better respond to the complexities of our current challenges.

“To our patriotic and brave security forces, while commending your heroism and sacrifice, the time has come for you to review your approaches and strategies, innovate and adapt. The enemy evolves, and so must we. I challenge you to rise to this occasion, to demonstrate the indomitable spirit for which you are known, and to do more in safeguarding the lives and property of our people.”


“The threats of insurgency are severely testing the peace and stability of our country, the rise in kidnapping for ransom and the unsettling unrest and crises across all the six geo-political zones. Families and communities have endured immense hardships, and our hearts go out to all those affected by these tumultuous events.

“We are particularly saddened by the tragic and senseless murder of our daughters, Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar and Folorunsho Ariyo, the heinous murder of over 30 people in Plateau State, as well as many others who have fallen victim to the mindless acts of terror in the last few weeks. We also remember those who lost their lives in the blast in Ibadan triggered by explosives stored by illegal miners.”

“The recent move by the President to track and review the annual performance of Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies is indeed commendable and should be supported by all Nigerians. The lack of a proper performance assessment framework is a significant shortfall in government and public sector systems and processes. This has often resulted in insufficient alignment of organisational strategic priorities and budgets with national priorities as contained in the 8-point agenda of Mr President.

“We hope that the result of the government-wide performance report will be tabled before the National Assembly to provide lawmakers and the people of Nigeria an insight into the performance of government officials. Those whose performance falls below the minimum benchmark set by the President should be immediately replaced by more competent substitutes.”