Senate President, Akpabio Says Protests Against Hardship Are Sponsored| READ MORE


Senate President, Akpabio Says Protests Against Hardship Are Sponsored| READ MORE

Senate President, Godswill Akpabio has claimed that the protests in states over hardship in the country are being sponsored.

Reacting to the protests that has rocked so many stated during plenary on Tuesday, Akpabio said the protesters and those sponsoring the protests, are not aware of the efforts the senate and the federal government habe been making to ease hardship in the country.

“The situation is revolving daily. You can see a lot of sponsored protests here and there but those people are not aware. Most of those sponsored protesters are not aware of the kind of efforts being made by this Senate to tackle the situation together with the joint management team of the Federation Government of Nigeria.

“There is no father that will want to see his child sleep in the night without food with the stomach grumbling, so we must provide. That is why I said we must not limit our discussion to – we will not import food, wherever we can find food to put on the table of Nigerians, we shall do so”.

Akpabio further blamed Nigeria’s economic woes on COVID-19, insecurity and the policies of the administration of former president Muhammadu Buhari and Godwin Emefiele led Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
He added;

“It is an uncommon situation which has been execrated by many factors, from COVID-19 to insecurity to inflation, to even the ways and means of N30 trillion that put so much pressure on the Central Bank of Nigeria and left a very big gap in the financial situation such that if this government inherited this situation it tried to feel the gap. It means that people will not eat, salaries will not be paid, and nothing will be done until the gap is filled. We have taken it and we must move on”.