Teacher Allegedly Commits Suici-de Over Girlfriend In Kenya


Teacher Allegedly Commits Suici-de Over Girlfriend In Kenya


One Dennis Mwaniki Njeru alias Mukono, a secondary school teacher, has allegedly committed suic-ide in Mbeere North sub-county in Kenya.

The 32-year-old teacher is believed to have committed suicide on Wednesday, February 7 after his girlfriend allegedly left him.

Dennis Mwaniki Njeru alias Mukono.

Njeru was found lying lifeless on his bed, while foaming from the mouth in his house in Siakago with a sui-cide note beside him.

In the suici-de note, the deceased said he cannot bear to see his girlfriend loving another and had spoken with 17 people over his estranged relationship but no one had bothered to listen or offer advice to him, neither did the said girlfriend accept his plea, hence the decision to take his own life.

The deceased in the note, listed some details which includes;

  • For him to be buried on February 14 at Kavengero in Kanyuambora instead of Siakago where he is said to have built a house.
  • His estranged girlfriend should read his eulogy during his funeral.

He tasked his relatives to search if he had any kids anywhere so that they could be beneficiaries of his estate property.

Preparations of the burial ceremony were left to the Speaker of Embu County Assembly Josiah Thiriku and Nthawa, Ward Member of County Assembly Sammy Tito,  with specific instructions to ensure a picture he left behind was used as part of the programme.

Reacting to the incident, the Mbeere North sub-county police commander Eric Yego, said the teacher had locked himself in his house and authorities had to break into the house to recover the body. He was found lying on his bed with blood and white foam oozing from his nose.

The officers also found land title deeds and stamps which the police believe the deceased was using to defraud members of the public.

”We suspect the teacher was involved in defrauding people of their land. We found title deeds and stamps,” he said.

Sleuths are now investigating Njeru’s claims that he tried talking to 17 people to find a solution to his problems in vain.

Detectives are analysing his mobile phone data to determine if there is any information related to the events leading to his suicide.

In his suicide note, the teacher also said he had attempted to reconcile with his girlfriend but in vain.

The suicide note read in parts;

“I may look stupid but I have shared my stress with 17 people none talked to me let’s meet in heaven. I have pleaded with my girlfriend and all has fallen on deaf ears. I love you all”.