Why I Can’t Underperform As Nigeria’s President – Tinubu | READ DETAILS 


Why I Can’t Underperform As Nigeria’s President – Tinubu | READ DETAILS 


President Bola Tinubu has said that he cannot underperform as he campaigned and gained Nigerians’ trust to occupy his present seat at the Aso Rock villa.

Speaking during Iftar on Thursday in Abuja with members of the Nigerian business community,  the President stated that Nigeria’s economy is at a turning point and will require the steadfast support of the private sector for sustained growth and prosperity.

Tinubu reiterated his commitment to fulfilling his mandate, emphasizing that he cannot afford to underperform, given the trust placed in him by the electorate.


“I have no reason to underperform as the elected President of the country because I campaigned for the job.

” I cannot complain about the job. I appreciate the gesture, and what you have told me this evening is very inspiring. Cut the costs. Fix the bends. Summon courage. Save the money, but push the economy. We will be there.There are some countries that have failed. There are some countries that have succeeded. In our time, in my time, all of us must work together to succeed. Thank you very much,’’


”There is no driver of the economy that is bigger than the private sector. If the private sector is not flourishing, there is no growth, no prosperity, no employment or development. No matter how flowery the speeches are, not even a mushroom will grow.


”Thank you for persevering. We are at a turning point in our economy. I do not have to do a quadratic equation to illustrate all of that to you. I just want to appreciate you for your endurance and perseverance,’’ the President said.


Sharing insights from his visit to the New York Stock Exchange in 2023, President Tinubu noted Nigeria’s self-belief and determination to drive economic transformation from within.


”At the New York Stock Exchange, I appealed to foreign investors to consider Nigeria as a prime investment destination.


“At the end of my remarks, I told them we only want them to show their face and diversify Nigeria’s economy not as if we cannot do it ourselves.


“Tony Elumelu walked up to me and thanked me for making that statement. We can do it. Nigeria is a self-believer and can always deliver on its own. We know our first name and our last name. Our first name is: Spirit, and our last name is: Can do.”