Eze Chikamnayo has a penchant for blackmail — Abia State Labour Party.

Hon Ceekay Igara and Eze Chikamnayo

The Abia State Labour Party Chairman, Hon Ceekay Igara has refuted the claims of Abia PDP stalwart, and former  State Commissioner for Information, Eze Chikamnayo, who made an accusations against the State chapter of the Labour Party, in a recent interview granted to Eze Chikamnayo in an  Arise TV Program, the morning show. The former Commissioner for information accused Labour Party as a party of mob  Sentiments and Mob Actions. He also accused Labour Party in Abia for not conducting Primaries. He also said the Party do not exist anyway in Abia State as he claimed that the Party existed only 48 hours before the election. He informed the public that the party do not comply with the relevant sections of the Electoral Act, alleging that no candidates of the Labour Party is qualified to contest the 2023 general election based on the relevant sections of the electoral Acts.

In his summarised views, Eze Chikamnayo raises the following issues against the Labour Party. “The issues of non compliant, issues of qualifications and issues of nominations”

But in response to the above issues by the Abia former Commissioner, the State Party Chairman, Hon Ceekay Igara berates Eze Chikamnayo’s views which he described as Misinformation of Nigerians as  Hon Igara attributed all his views as due to his penchant for Misinformation.

The Abia Labour Party Chairman in putting his record straight, stated that the issues raised by Eze Chikamnayo were all pre election matters which the Court lacks the jurisdiction over, although the State Labour Party Chairman presented all acknowledged and documented evidences of a supervised Congresses and Primaries by INEC to show full compliance of the Party with the electoral Acts, both in Conducting Party Primaries, and Nominations of Candidates which clearly shows that the Labour Party candidates were all qualified to contest the 2023 general Elections.

Hon Igara maintained that, his claim of the Labour Party not existing in Abia State accept 48 hours before the 2023 general election is very frustrating and an allegation one cannot take.

Hon Igara reminded him that in 2011 a PDP Speaker contested for Governorship under Labour Party. Also the Abia State Labour Party won many seats in a local Government Election conducted by PDP when Eze Chikamnayo is still in PDP and Hon Igara attributed Eze Chikamnayo’s views as a hypocrisy of the highest order.

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