Pakistan blasts: Twin Explosions kill dozens of worshipers



Two explosions have killed dozens of people in Pakistan.

The first blast Struck a Procession to Celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad in Mustang, Balochistan Province, killing at least 52 people.

A second explosion has occurred at a mosque in Hangu, northwest Pakistan.

At least two people have been reported killed, and between 30 and 40 people are said to be trapped under the rubble.

Tragic, but not surprising’: Analyst

Imtiaz Gul, executive director at the Islamabad’s Center for Research and Security says the news of the two explosions doesn’t come as a surprise considering the increasing number of attacks by armed groups in the region this year.

“The death tool of security forces in the first nine months of this year has surpassed the total death toll of the previous year” Gul said, referring to data collected by his think tank.

“And there has been an uptick in the violence in the first five months and at the forefront has been the Islamic State Khorasan Province, the ISKP,” Gul said, adding that the armed group has been branded by many security agencies as the number one threat to regional security.

“This a very tragic incident, but not surprising,” he added.

policy of attacking civilians, the armed group has in the past launched numerous attacks on security forces.

In July, at least nine Pakistan army soldiers were killed in Zhob, a city in the province, when attackers managed to infiltrate a military installation. The attack was claimed by a TTP-linked group