Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) , to grow the Industry for a sustainable economic development.—. Ali Nuhu




Dr. Ali Nuhu, the newly appointed Managing Director of the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC), has pledged to enhance the Nigerian film industry to facilitate rapid growth of the Nigerian economy.

Addressing the audience in Jos during the official handover ceremony as the seventh MD of the corporation, he expressed his dedication to working with full commitment, energy, and resolve.

He expressed his strong commitment to leveraging his extensive expertise to continue enhancing the diverse landscape of the Nigerian film industry. He highlighted the significant expectations placed on the agency by the federal government, filmmakers, stakeholders, and the Nigerian people, emphasizing the pivotal role it plays.

The director highlighted that the NFC’s service charter of ‘powering possibilities’ will spearhead the exploration of Nigeria’s creative sector, particularly in filmmaking, and support the government’s efforts to boost national growth.

”I will spearhead the development of film production infrastructure to boost growth and ensure competitiveness in the industry.

”I will elevate the visibility of Nigerian films both domestically and globally.

“I intend to cultivate strategic partnerships with the public and private sectors, as well as international stakeholders to foster innovation, attract investment and facilitate co-production,“ he said.