Senate President Akpabio adviced to resign or be impeached.—NADECO.





The National Democratic Coalition ( NADECO) United State of America. USA, has called for the designation of the Senate President, Senator Godswill Akpabio due to what they described asi adequate Management of the Red Chambers affairs.

According to the Executive Director, Mr Lloyd Ukwu Esq, who made the press release on Tuesday 17 October in Abuja, Urge the Senators to institute an impeachment proceedings inorder to remove Akpabio as the Senate President, making reference to his actions as detrimental to the integrity of the Senate and Nigerian Democratic Government.

NADECO, criticized the Senate President for taking the Executive interest over the independence of the Senate, maintaining that the Presidency placed him upon Senators as the Senate President.

The Coalition also accused him, of relegating the  Senate rules, and disregarding the careful Extermination of the Executive Communication and bills.

The Statement also maintained that Akpabio always delay the commencement of plenary session and also prolonging sittings which is not good for the Senate., Still in their Critique, they listed that the Senate President’s important duties on the order papers , such as opening prayers, approval of previous session Minutes, administering oaths and making announcements are always delayed by Akpabio.

NADECO, then warn that if the Senators do not impeach Akpabio or him stepping down voluntarily as the Senate President, that NADECO (USA), will mobilise it’s members in the USA and Nigerian’s in diaspora for mass action to force him out.

The statement reads;

“Akpabio is fond of keeping communications from the President, which are supposed to be read during announcement time till the end of plenary like he recently did when he announced the last three ministerial nominees by the President towards the tail end of plenary.”
“He also rallies Senators to pass bills they have not seen or may never see the details. Above all, he treats and relates with Senators with disrespect like errand boys even as he continues to wear his former toga as the executive governor and dictator in Akwa Ibom State Government House, Uyo.”