Divergent opinions on some Northern groups on  Tinubu’s Policies, likely be a weapon Against Voting for Him in 2027.


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Bola Tinubu

There are controversies  among groups in the Northern states concerning President Tinubu’s recent policies implemented by his Administration.  As seen to be unfavorable to the Region by some groups.

Among which is  the relocation of key departments of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) from Abuja to Lagos.

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has recently criticised the action of Government, stating  that the move undermines Abuja’s status as the capital city and carries negative financial implications for the CBN and the nation.

Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, the spokesman of the group has warned against the President’s “sectional considerations,” accusing him of policies that “further impoverish the North” while enriching other parts. They threatened political consequences in the 2027 elections if the policies are not  address by President Tinubu as these are a major  concerns to their group.

His said: “We are not a forum that whitewashes or smears any administration, including that of Tinubu. We have established a standard of judgment that we will not compromise, which is characterised by being respectful and responsible in our relationships with leaders at all levels, and speaking truth to power. We will not lower the bar when it comes to the interests of the North, the unity and security of Nigeria, or the welfare of all citizens.

“It is our duty to remind President Tinubu that his policies, many of which appear to further impoverish the North while enriching other parts of the country, have resulted in hunger stalking millions of homes. Inflation is making life increasingly difficult, people are losing their jobs, businesses are closing down, and infrastructure is decaying.”

However, not all Northern voices share NEF’s stance. The Arewa Think Tank, in collaboration with 19 Northern-based CSOs, expressed support for Tinubu. Chief Convener Muhammad Alhaji Yakubu downplayed the relocation’s significance, arguing that it pales in comparison to issues like banditry and economic hardship. He criticised Northerners for focusing on regional gains under previous administrations and urged them to prioritise national interests.

Elder Sunday Oibe, Secretary of Northern CAN, echoed this sentiment, urging citizens to move beyond regional perspectives. He said there is a need to address pressing national issues like inflation and currency depreciation, suggesting that the relocations could be a solution if they improve efficiency.